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We have our own laboratory since 2019, which enables us to offer a more efficient and direct service to our clients. We have health technicians and biologists to perform physicochemical and microbiological analysis of water, food and surfaces.

We can also undertake any analysis necessary depending on the market circumstances or the required study.

Water safety

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We carry out analyses to check compliance with the requirements of Royal Decree 3/2023, of 10 January, which establishes the technical and sanitary criteria for the quality of drinking water, its control and supply, both for drinking water for human consumption and osmosed water systems.

We carry out analyses to check compliance with the requirements of Royal Decree 742/2013, of 27 September, which establishes the technical-sanitary criteria for swimming pools, as well as the specific regional regulations that apply.

We carry out analyses to check compliance with the requirements of Royal Decree 487/2022, of 21 June, which establishes the health requirements for the prevention and control of legionellosis, depending on the existing installations (AFCH, ACS, swimming pools and spas, jacuzzis, fire-fighting systems or irrigation systems, for example).

We carry out analyses of the waste water to check that the limits comply with the maximum values that appear in the by-laws or municipal regulations.

We perform the verification or calibration of photometers and turbidimeters, according to ENAC-certified standards, to ensure that the measuring equipment works correctly within its measurement range.

Food safety

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Analyses carried out on foodstuffs make it possible to check whether the handling and production processes are correct. Regulation EC 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs sets out the parameters that each type of food must comply with.

Through the analysis of the work surfaces, we will check that the cleaning and disinfection processes are properly applied.

By means of random sampling of handler personnel, we will check whether the personal hygiene and cleanliness protocols are being correctly applied in the work processes in the kitchen and restaurant.

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