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We develop partnerships and consultancy projects related to environment and sustainability, quality management or food safety.

Our team of professionals has an extensive experience. They have been collaborating since 2004 to improve organisations in different industries or developing projects for public administrations.

Imagen Sustainability and environmental management

Sustainability and environmental management

We help companies and organisations on their path to sustainability, applying a realistic and practical vision.

  1. Design and implementation of circularity plans.
  2. Calculation and registration of the carbon footprint for Balearic or MITECO registry.
  3. Implementation of ISO 14001/EMAS environmental management systems.
  4. Internal ISO 14001/EMAS audits.
  5. "Environmental manager" outsourcing."
  6. Preparation of waste management plans.

Imagen Strategy and business development

Strategy and business development

We help defining the company's strategy and implementing the tools to improve it

  1. ISO 9001 quality management systems.
  2. UNE 170001 accessibility management.
  3. SGE 21 Ethical Management.
  4. ISO 13687 quality in yacht harbours.
  5. ISO 13009 quality in beaches.
  6. Internal audits of quality systems.
  7. "Quality manager" outsourcing
  8. Process management.
  9. Definition of work standards and manuals.
  10. Consulting services and legislation update.
Imagen Food and water safety

Food and water safety

We work closely with companies to help them comply with the requirements of the food and water safety regulations and enjoy safe facilities, products and services.

  1. HACCP food safety system definition, implementation and improvement.
  2. Regular HACCP audits in kitchens and restaurants.
  3. Self-monitoring system definition, implementation and improvement in swimming pools and spas.
  4. Definition, implementation and improvement of the Legionella prevention and control plan. Development of the Legionella prevention and control plan (PPCL) and registers.
  5. Facilities diagnoses Preparation to prevent legionella.
Imagen Training


A key factor for organisations to grow is to enhance the professional skills of their work teams at all levels. Training workers allows us to improve results by matching them to the clients and users increasing demand levels.

Some examples of training actions we offer our clients include:

  1. Food handler and allergen management.
  2. Best environmental practices and waste management.
  3. Water and food analysis interpretation.
  4. Circularity plans.
  5. ISO 9001 quality management.
  6. ISO 14001 / EMAS quality management.
  7. Regulations and legal requirements.

SINERGIES offers a portfolio of courses that can be tailored to suit the clients needs.

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